Aminul Islam Sajib

Aminul Islam Sajib

Pursuing a degree in journalism.

I'm a passionate blogger and a technology writer with strong belief that I was meant to do some sort of writing. My goal is to be a full time tech journalist for a global audience.

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Open uri20131121 30877 1vfmvws article

End of an era? No, end of a piece of soft that reminds us of childhood; Goodbye Winamp | AIS Journal

End of an era? No, end of a piece of soft that remi...

Open uri20131121 30877 ky3kb3 article

Microsoft is the stupidest company in tech industry | AIS Journal

Microsoft is the stupidest company in tech industry...

Open uri20131108 12080 2yele5 article

In a country where you wake up to read about innocents’ death

Last month, I was in a two-week trip to the United ...

Open uri20130917 8821 cw2th0 article

Google and Intel announces Chromebooks with Intel Haswell, why I think they'll rock!

I've long wanted an Intel Haswell-powered ultrabook because of the superior battery life it is proven to provide. I've also...

Open uri20130917 3951 135kjnh article

Just how racist Americans are? Wait until you see reaction to Miss America

Before I go into the post, I must assure you that —...

Open uri20130917 8821 ra0yqn article

When the Internet runs out

No internet connection often feels like the end of ...

Open uri20130917 3951 1yo95np article

Dawn of the Dead’s original script had a scene in Bangladesh!

It’s no secret to my blog readers that I’m a die-ha...

Open uri20130917 5346 19y5yzh article

A cut in the skin can’t bring my tears, but music after a sleepless night can

I dreamed of standing by a beautiful sunrise and ho...

Open uri20130917 8821 16uuek3 article

Review: Now You See Me (2013); Essentially The Illusionist 2

Just when we thought that we’re past the movies like The Illusionist and The Prestige, director Louis Leterrier hits the...

Open uri20130917 8821 qr5kig article

I Don't Like Being Called "Boyfriend"

Past haunts. That's something you've probably heard many times or experienced for yourself. But turning the haunting past into sweet...

Open uri20130917 14890 11wfbm1 article

This is why I won’t be getting a Chromebook despite my best intentions

I just finished writing a news story on Chrome OS’ ...

Open uri20130917 8821 oan54m article

Tablets just don't cut it; why I still love laptops for my work, even on the go

The generation of tablet devices started as soon as the iPad came out. Steve Jobs said that the idea of...

Open uri20130917 8821 1dog2c6 article

How do you start writing fiction?

And by fiction, I don't mean the profession of writing fiction. I mean, how do sit down and start writing...

Open uri20130917 8821 3bqxxg article

Liveblog from US Presidential Election Gala 2012 at Dhaka Organized by US Embassy, Dhaka

Liveblog ended after CNN Projected President Barack Obama as the winner of the United States Presidential Election 2012. The Presidential...

Can't Access Google Play from Bangladesh?

All right guys! I know how it must be feeling when you seriously can't access Google Play and download any...