Aminul Islam Sajib

Aminul Islam Sajib

Pursuing a degree in journalism.

I'm a passionate blogger and a technology writer with strong belief that I was meant to do some sort of writing. My goal is to be a full time tech journalist for a global audience.

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Open uri20131106 18214 i5hhe4 article
Live with Google

What is Google Helpouts and why you should care about it?

Google has recently launched Google Helpouts, a new...

Open uri20130917 8821 19llsg6 article
Live with Google

With Intel Haswell-powered Chromebooks, Chrome OS becoming a worthy competitor to Windows - Live with Google

Google just announced Haswell-powered Chromebooks. Here's our take on why we think it's going to succeed in bring more users...

Open uri20130917 8821 mzt6pl article
Live with Google

Vogue magazine promotes Google Glass across 12 pages - Live with Google

Google Glass got huge publicity thanks to Vogue that has just run 12-page spread photographs featuring models who wear Google...

Open uri20130917 8821 dt28hk article
Live with Google

Moto X will always listen to your voice; a big privacy concern on the way? - Live with Google

Google and Motorola's "Made in America" phone will always listen to its users and will be ready to listen to...

Open uri20130917 8821 3uo0ks article
Live with Google

Watch deleted video showing Nexus 5 on the introduction of Android 4.4 KitKat - Live with Google

Google accidentally leaked Nexus 5 on its Android KitKat promotional video. The video has been deleted. But not from everywhere!...

Open uri20130917 8821 5utqbq article
Live with Google

Google Drive for Android now supports OCR allowing users to take photo and save as PDF - Live with Google

Google Drive for Android receives a new update with a redesigned interface and a new feature called SCAN that supports...

Open uri20130917 8821 w12njb article
Live with Google

Google introduces offline Chrome apps "For Your Desktop" - Live with Google

Google announces offline Chrome apps "For Your Desktop". We sense a clever attempt to making you familiar with Chromebook's interface....

Open uri20130917 8821 1jgmbe8 article
Live with Google

How to bold, italic and strikethrough your text on Google+ - Live with Google

Format your text on Google+ by making it go italic, bold or strikethrough....

Open uri20130917 8821 is9ok6 article
Live with Google

How to upload and store full resolution photos on Google Plus - Live with Google

Ever wanted to store your photos on Google Plus at full resolution? Fortunately, there's a way just to do that....

Open uri20130917 8821 gu3sz3 article
Live with Google

This is what Google homepage may soon look like - Live with Google

If you're tired with the current layout of Google homepage, you will soon have a reason to smile because a...

Open uri20130917 8821 1f3m2pk article
Live with Google

Chrome OS now supports Microsoft Word and Excel file editing - Live with Google

Chrome OS developer channel has seen a new update that enables Microsoft Word and Excel files to be edited directly...

Open uri20130917 8821 1aemx14 article
Live with Google

Yes 4G launches Samsung 4G Chromebook in Malaysia - Live with Google

Samsung 4G Chromebook is a modified Chromebook with a WiMAX radio and Yes 4G logo launched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...

Stringio article
Live with Google

Google Street View goes to a new height: Snaps panoramic photos of Burj Khalifa - Live with Google

Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower, is now available at Google Street View giving you a full panoramic view...

Open uri20130917 8821 788vbo article
Live with Google

Google disables downloads from Google Code; recommends Drive - Live with Google

Google has suddenly shut down new projects from hosting file on Google Code stating that it's being misused. The company...

Open uri20130917 8821 1rsf0cc article
Live with Google

Updated: Google rolls out "old" flat logo, Possibly a mistake - Live with Google

Following the trend of changing logos into flat ones, Google has secretly pushed out a new flat logo of its...